(Also See 2004 Lunar Eclipse)

Eclipse Africa 21 June 2001


1st-to-2nd Contact: (Diamond Ring)

2nd-to-3rd Contact:: (Total Phases)

3rd-to-4th Contact: (Diamond Ring)


Eclipse Photo 1/16s on Kodak Gold ASA 400, 800mm telephoto at f/12.6
Picture of Total Solar Eclipse, 21 June 2001

Picture taken in the Mozambique Channel, between Tanzania and Madagascar, Approx. 20 degrees South latitude, 39 degrees East Longitude.  Times between 1:30 UT and 3:30 UT on June 21, 2001.

See also:  The Adler Eclipse Odyssey--how we got there from Chicago (the 13 out of 19 who made it!)  

Compare above photo to my  composite image, below:

 (This gives a slightly more realistic feeling of what a solar eclipse actually looks like to the human eye)

2001 Solar Eclipse 3-image Sequences:

Red Flash/Green Flash

Experimental Image Processing:

Inner Corona: