Dean Emeritus 

Patrick J. O'Connor 

(Former Dean: Electronics and Computer Technology Program, DeVry University, Chicago) 

Specialty: Fundamental Electronics; Digital Electronics


B.S. 1968 Northern Illinois University

Department of Physics

M.S. 1983 National-Louis University

Management/Development of Human Resources

M.S. 1998 Northern Illinois University

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Honors: Sigma Pi Sigma Physics National Honor Society


FCC Commercial General Radiotelephone Broadcast License

ISCET, Journeyman Certification in Computers



pjocon@sbcglobal.net (home) 



Professor O'Connor taught at Chicago DeVry from 1968 to 2007. For his first five years at the Institute, he taught fundamentals of electronics and circuit analysis in the EET program, as well as physics, his undergraduate major. During that time, he was faculty advisor to the student branch of the IEEE. He taught electronics at the Toronto DeVry institute for one semester in 1974. In 1977, he transferred to the ET program, where he has taught since that time. Between 1986 and 1992, he taught various subjects in the General Education department, as well as microprocessor and digital classes in electronics. In 1992, he was appointed Curricular Chair for the Electronics Technician Curriculum, in 1994, he became Department Chairman, in 1999 became Associate Dean for the Electronics and Computer Technology Program, retiring at the end of June, 2007.  

He married Leah in 1969, and has two daughters, Risha Raven and Renata O'Connor-Rose, three grand-daughters--Leah (named Leah after her grandmother, but pronounces it 'layah' not 'leeah'), the twins, Hannah and Nora, and two grandsons named Given and Benjamin. 

His hobbies and interests include astronomy and astrophotography as well as electronics, computer graphics and animation,  pocket billiards and science-fiction fandom, including costuming-masquerade.


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 Retro Hugo Award given at the 2004 Worldcon in Boston.  


Digital and Microprocessor Technology -- Prentice-Hall, 1/e 1983, 2/e 1989

(With Alan Wayne Chism) Lab Manual for Digital & Micro. Technology -- Prentice-Hall 1989

Understanding Digital Electronics--How Microcomputers and MicroprocessorsWork--Prentice-Hall 1984

(With Michael Gurrie) Voice/Data Telecommunications Systems -- Prentice-Hall 1985

Good Vibrations Book 1 of the HaChii Concatenation--Amazon Kindle Books 2010

Triroon Book 2 of the HaChii Concatenation--Amazon Kindle Books 2010

Protector Book 3 of the HaChii Concatenation--Amazon Kindle Books 2010

O'Connor's Corollary to Murphy's Law